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Emmaus School for Marriage

poweroftwoA Strong Marriage is one of life's greatest gifts...

WHY Attend The Emmaus School for Marriage?

Psychological research has established that no matter how compatible two people may be, sustaining a warm and cooperative marriage partnership requires high level skills. Choosing what movie to see, dividing household chores, allocating money, managing children and relatives; differences are inevitable. Why fight - or give up to keep the peace - if you can learn to comfortably talk over issues and consistently resolve differences with outcomes that please you both?

Workshops for:

  • Engaged couples
  • Newly marrieds
  • Couples with children
  • Retiring and older couples Singles seeking marriage readiness
  • Couples facing marriage challenges
  • Couples wanting first-rate marriage skills
  • Couples aiming for a long-lasting and joyful marriage

Emmaus School for Marriage workshops teach the skills to keep dreams of living happily ever after a reality.
Also, a perfect gift for:

St. Thomas Fund
In cooperation with the International Society of the Apostles, Sts. Peter and Thomas, the Institute provides educational assistance to families of married priests in India and Kenya.

Global Ministries University
In cooperation with the Federation of Christian Ministries, the Institute serves as the Northeast United States Pastoral Counseling Training Center in graduate studies for the cyber-university Global Ministries University.