Emmaus Institute Counseling Services was organized in 1981 to offer the healing resources of faith and contemporary psychology to the religious community and the general public.  Emmaus Institute is a member of the Greater Nashua Interfaith Council.

Emmaus Institute Counseling Services



 Individual Counseling
Assistance and support for individuals who need to address a personal problem, increase their problem solving capacities, or develop some aspect of their personality or self.

 Couple Counseling
For couples encountering difficulties in their relationship who wish to maximize their resources and move ahead with their lives.

 Family Counseling
For families and their members dealing with conflict, communication problems, codependency, transition, growing pains, losses, etc.

 Group Counseling
Short and long term assistance to improve interpersonal relationships and one's sense of self.

 Education, Training, And Consultation
Conferences, workshops, seminars and consultation for organizations, churches, religious communities and the general public.

Clients are expected to take financial responsibility for their therapy. Limited fee adjustments may be available in qualified circumstances. Most health insurance is accepted by the New Hampshire Licensed therapists. 

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